Yejin S Lee



Master of Fine Art  | Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Pittsburgh, PA, May 2020

Bachelor of Fine Art, Painting and Drawing | School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), Chicago, IL, May 2016



Merit Scholarship | SAIC, Sep 2008 – May 2016

Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Citizenship | The Korean American Scholarship Foundation (KASF),

Sep 2015 – May 2016     



Articulated Time and Space | Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL, Sep 2017 – Oct 2017

Spring BFA Exhibition | Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL, March 2016 – April 2016  

A Solo Exhibition, “The Horizon Line” | Leroy Neiman Center Gallery, Chicago, IL, Jan 2016 – Feb 2016

Artbash Exhibition | SAIC, Chicago, IL, May 2009



Retreat and Meditation Program | Junto Soceity, Munkyeong, South Korea, June 2017, June 2016, May 2015

  • Advocated individual Buddhist practice, transformed our lifestyle to promote various movements such as ecological awareness campaigns; the eradication of famine, disease, and illiteracy; peace and human rights; and the unification of the Korean Peninsula.

  • Practiced meditation for 24 hours for seven days abstaining from food, sleeping, talking and washing strictly instructed by Pomnyun Sunim, a venerable Korean Buddhist monk.

Meditation Class | Vipassanā Meditation Center, Seoul, South Korea, Jan 2014 – Mar 2014

  • Experienced different types of meditation such as breathing meditation, walking meditation, Zen meditation, love meditation and Vipassanā meditation.

Temple Stay | Kilsang Temple, Seoul, South Korea, Jan 2014

  • Experienced a silent temple life and practiced 108 Buddhist prostrations.



Class Assistant | Middle School Program, SAIC, Chicago, IL, Sep 2015 – May 2016

  • Instructed children’s workshops and assisted children with engagement and materials, techniques and safe practices                                       

Curator | Lim’s Media, Seoul, South Korea, Mar 2014 – Aug 2014

  • Curated group photo exhibition, “Water for Our Future” for World Water Forum 2015

  • Collaborated on the exhibition catalogue, “Water for Our Future” in Korean and English

  • Researched and worked with artists, the UN office, and the World Water Council

Art Teacher | Yang-Hee Academy of Art, Bundang, South Korea, June 2013 – Aug 2014  

  • Taught art to students, ages 8 -19, how to observe, express, and create their artwork and try new drawing and painting styles and techniques

Art Teacher | Art Zion, Seoul, South Korea, Sep 2012 – Aug 2014

  • Coached art portfolio development for high school students

Exhibition Assistant | Andrewshire Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Sep 2009 – Oct 2009                                                                

  • Informed and greeted people to the Exhibition, “Humanities”